Classroom & Community Agreements

Paying attention acknowledges that we have something to learn from intelligences other than our own. Listening, standing witness, creates an openness to the world in which the boundaries between us can dissolve…


Classroom & Community Agreements

We, the IHS Community agree to:

  • Respect and care for every individual in our community—including respecting individuals’ identities & backgrounds.
  • Respect and care for the living plant communities.
  • Respect and care for the land-including all beings that live on the land.
  • Respect physical & emotional boundaries.
  • Use language that is respectful. Avoid language that may be potentially racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, or transphobic. Commit to nonviolence, anti-oppression, and compassion with all communication taking place within our classroom and events.
  • Promote body positivity.
  • Assume positive intent and be accountable for the impact of our actions & words.
  • Be willing to actively listen, share, participate, and make space for silence.
  • Engage in cultural & community exchanges that come from a place of respect, reciprocity & right relationship.  Avoid the appropriation of culture, traditions, and practices.
  • Center decision-making in ways that honor our ancestors & traditions and also respect the needs of the next generations and the Earth.

All people are welcome at the International Herb Symposium. All racial identities, national or ethnic origins, ancestries, ages, religions or religious creeds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender & non-gender conforming identities, skin colors, and body sizes will be respected and supported. We ask that all people who attend the IHS (staff, teachers and participants) commit to upholding the following agreements. By centering these agreements in our work together, we strive to create a sacred container for a joyful gathering where we can all learn, heal & grow, and also celebrate each other and our wise teachers-the plants!