Our Mission

As we collectively dream this new world into being, we must remember to include all aspects of creation in our dreams. Then we must hold that vision in sacred space, with gentleness and reverence, and slowly breathe life into it it, so that the coming generations can walk into that world and enjoy the same right to life that we have been given by our ancestors.


The International Herb Symposium is committed to creating a welcoming, engaging and inclusive gathering that represents and honors the diverse and varied traditions present in herbalism. We come together in honor of the plants and in the spirit of respect & reciprocity  to share and learn from one another. By coming together in this way, we strive to create  local & global communities dedicated to healing and caretaking the Earth and all beings.

Our History


Founded by Rosemary Gladstar in 1991, the IHS brings together plant lovers & herbalists from around the world, representing many traditions and aspects of herbalism: folkloric, scientific, community outreach & therapeutic applications, farming and gardening, ceremonial and plant spirit teachings and many others. Hosted biennially, the Symposium also places a special emphasis on medicinal plant conservation and is held as a benefit conference for United Plant Savers, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of medicinal plants. We believe that by gathering in the spirit of the green, we can expand our communities, both locally and globally, creating a “mycorrhizal network” that helps to increase individual and planetary healing.

Held on the on the lands of the Sovereign Wampanoag Nation, at a small college campus located near Boston, Massachusetts, Wheaton College has all the amenities of a large campus. Its rural setting and beautiful old buildings add a special charm, grace and an interesting touch of academia to the symposium.

All people are welcome at the International Herb Symposium.

People of all racial identities, national or ethnic origins, ancestries, ages, religions or religious creeds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender & non-gender conforming identities, skin colors, and body sizes are joyfully invited to this gathering.

It seems that as one begins to study herbs, the plant’s essence infuses one’s entire life with joy. People become happier, healthier, more in balance and in tune with their inner dreams. The beauty of the herbs work their gentle magic on the heart of the user.


Thank you to all our past sponsors from the 15th Annual IHS