Bill Chioffi


Bill got a job working at Bread and Circus in Brighton, MA in 1993 as an Herb Buyer and while trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, the plants quietly took over. Bill followed them around the world studying them, meeting the people who grow and collect them and finding large supplies in Eastern Europe, Central America, India, China, Indonesia, Vanuatu, and back home again to the vast USA. After many years of working for a large herb company in North Carolina in operations, education and sales jobs, Bill worked in the academic world helping to start a molecular biology and analytical plant chemistry research station at Sonoran University of Health Sciences (formerly SCNM). He learned the ins and outs of In Vitro research and helped develop models to take those from benchtop to bedside through the clinicians. Now Bill is working for a producer of Organic Mushroom extracts based in British Columbia, Canada and directing the innovation and strategy which involves investing in research on the Psilocybe mushroom in addition to the continuing research on other medicinal fungi. Bill grew up in a small town in Vermont and still loves to fly fish and look for plants and mushrooms in the woods, read, and write fiction and poetry and listen to music with friends. 

Website: www.nammex.com