Vendor Information

14th International Herb Symposium
June 7–9, 2019       

Are you interested in vending at this year’s International Herb Symposium? The IHS offers an incredible opportunity to network with other herbalists and provides outstanding educational opportunities for herbal enthusiasts from around the world.  Though emphasis at the Symposium is primarily educational, the Herbal Emporium exhibit hall adds another wonderful dimension to the gathering.  It provides a vibrant marketplace for participants to purchase herbal products, wares and books as well as a great opportunity for herbal product businesses, herbalists, artisans and authors to showcase and sell their products, wares and books. Over 850 people attended the International Herb Symposium in 2017 and we expect another incredible gathering in 2019.  We hope you will join us!

Who is eligible to vend? Because we have very limited space, vending is available only to registered participants and only for herbs & herbal related products, handcrafted plant-related items, plant-based edibles, books and sustainably produced textiles and clothing. All vendors and vendor’s helpers must be registered for the symposium in full with no exceptions.

Vendors are selected and assigned spaces based on two criteria, the first being that products will be only be sold in the Herbal Emporium that meet the requirements stated above and have been vetted through our vendor selection process. The second consideration is that booths are assigned on a first come-first served basis. IHS teachers are given priority for reserving booths until February 15, then the remainder of booth spaces are released. Space is very limited and booths sell out fast so don’t hesitate if you wish to vend!


How can I apply and register to vend? To apply for a booth space, email Jeff Carpenter at with “vendor application” in the subject line.  In this email, please describe all items you wish to sell and what type of booth space you wish to have (see choices below).  You will then be notified within a few days whether or not we can offer you a booth space.

If your application is approved, Jeff will email you a link with instructions on how to register for the conference as a vendor and how to register and pay for your booth. Any vendors who are granted application status will need to pay for booth space ASAP or your space may be relinquished for the next applicant.

IHS Vending Information

  • For questions & to submit an application: please email with “vendor application” in the subject line or call Jeff Carpenter at 802-793-6167

  • ‘Booth Space’ is a table 8 feet long by 3 feet wide with the table and 2 chairs provided. The Herbal Emporium is in a large dance studio with mirrored walls and high ceilings. There are a limited number of vendor spaces with walls behind them.  If your display would work better with such a space, let us know ASAP and we’ll try to accommodate you on a first-come-first-served basis. Electrical power outlets are very limited in the Herbal Emporium and cannot be guaranteed based on booth placements. Wifi is available throughout the building that the Herbal Emporium is located in.

  • Cost of each FULL BOOTH SPACE is $250.00. Each HALF BOOTH SPACE is $150.00 All vendors and their assistants must be registered in full for the Symposium. Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to this rule. Once applications for vending are pre-approved, vendors will receive a link and instructions on how to register for both the conference and vending.

  • Non-Profit organizations are eligible for free booth spaces-Please inquire.

  • There are a limited number of OUTDOOR SPACES available at $250.00 per space. These spaces are often offered after the Herbal Emporium booths have sold out. These spaces are approximately 15’x15’ in a grassy common area outside of the Herbal Emporium. Inclement weather can be a factor with outdoor booths so plan accordingly. You must provide your own tent, table and chairs for outdoor vending. Inquire for more details if interested.

  • You are welcome to rent HALF AN INDOOR BOOTH SPACE for $150. Half spaces require that you share a full booth with another vendor giving each vendor half of a 3’X 8’ table and one chair. If there’s someone in particular you wish to share your vendor space with, please let us know when reserving a booth space and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • You are welcome to set up your booth on Thursday evening June 6th (6-9pm) or Friday morning June 7th (8:00am -11:00am) during registration. Tables are pre-assigned and will be designated with signs. Please no switching tables without authorization.

  • You will be completely responsible for the setup and cleanup of your booth area, including any boxes and packaging you brought, and will be responsible for the booth during the symposium. Please do not leave boxes, flyers, etc. that others would have to clean up after you. Trash and Recycling will be set up to aid you in your clean up process.

  • We will lock up the herbal emporium at night, but during the day you will be completely responsible for your merchandise. Generally, people are honest but there have been reports of missing items at gatherings.  You may wish to bring a cloth to cover your products when you are not attending the booth. Never leave money unattended at your booth; it just invites problems. The International Herb Symposium assumes absolutely no responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

  • You may send your items directly to Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, 02766. State on the package(s): Attention Becky Ebeling, International Herb Symposium.  Please note: Neither Wheaton College nor the International Herb Symposium are responsible in any way for your merchandise.  No packages can be delivered to the college prior to Tuesday, June 4 .  You must make arrangements with UPS or another shipper to have your booth items picked up on Monday, June 10. Be sure items are packaged, prepaid, labeled and ready for UPS pick up on Monday.

If you have any questions about booths or would like to apply for booth space please email with “Vendor Application” in the subject line or call Jeff Carpenter at 802–793–6167.