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At the IHS, we strive to bring together plant lovers & herbalists from around the world, representing many traditions and aspects of herbalism: folkloric, scientific, community outreach & therapeutic applications, farming and gardening, ceremonial and plant spirit teachings and many others. We believe that by gathering in the spirit of the green, we can expand our communities, both locally and globally, creating a “mycorrhizal network” that helps to increase individual and planetary healing.

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15th International Herb Symposium ClassesTeacher Name
Herbal Medicine for Internal and External Infections7Song
Common Medicinal Plants of the Northeast7Song
Medicinal plant collection in sacred and community forests in a village in far western NepalAlex Greene
Medicinal Plant Conservation and Use at Tafi Atome Sacred Grove in GhanaAlison Ormsby and Robert Kwaku
Writing The Business of Botanicals: A Conversation with Ann Armbrecht and Kate GildayAnn Armbrecht and Kate Gilday
Responsible Sourcing in the Botanical Industry, a panel discussionAnn Armbrecht
What is Sustainable Herbal Medicine?Ann Armbrecht
Boreal Balsams, phytochemistry and applicationsAnnie Bazinet
GMP & Marketing Claims Demystified: WorkshopAsa Waldstein & Steven Yeager
Herbal SynergyBella Donna
Herbal Honey InfusionsBella Donna
An ecological approach to the human microbiomeBetzy Bancroft
Herbal Care for Men’s Reproductive HealthBob Linde
Medicinal Herbs of Florida and the CaribbeanBob Linde
Serenity Now – Herbal Support for the Nervous SystemChrista Sinadinos
Lubricate Yourself – The Virtues of DemulcentsChrista Sinadinos
Medicinal Mushrooms–a deeper lookChristopher Hobbs
Traditional Kava preparation at home for sleep, tension, and stressChristopher Hobbs
Conservation of neglected organisms: what’s about fungi?Claudia Perini
The beauty and the popularization of science: discovering the artistic and historical value of botanical and mycological collectionsClaudia Perini
Fairy Magic for Emotional TraumaDana Hutchinson
Our Miraculous Heart; Wisdom Medicine for The SoulDana Hutchinson
Organizing and Implementing Native Medicinal Plant Restoration on Public LandsDara Saville
Anemopsis californica (Yerba Mansa): A Plant’s Ecological, Cultural, and Medicinal ImportanceDara Saville
Forest Therapy – How to Create a Medicinal Forest Sanctuary from Seed to FruitionDiana Beresford-Kroeger
How Health Freedom Concepts and Current Policies Impact HerbalismDiane Miller
Mullein Deep Dive: Lung Ally & Global Weed. How to Identify, Harvest and Prepare it!Dina Falconi
White Pine LoveDina Falconi
Aromatic Herbal Medicine: Matricaria and ChamaemelumGabriel Mojay
Restoring Earth: Simple TCM Methods for Correcting Digestion ImbalancesGeoffrey Edwards
Music by Høly River and tour of Fonticello Food ForestHøly River
Ethnobotanical knowledge of the traditional medicinal practices in southwestern NigeriaIsrael Borokini
Spiritual Flower BathJacquelin Jinpa Guiteau
The Breath of the DivineJacquelin Jinpa Guiteau
Gardening by the Moon’s PhasesJane Hawley Stevens
Herbs for Emotional and Physical Pain ManagementJessica Daigle
Using and Protecting Monotropa unifloraJessica Daigle
Paul Strauss: The Ohio Herbal Elders ProjectJess Lamar Reece Holler
Germanic Tree MedicinesJulia Graves
Sustainability in Plant MedicineKaren Lawton and Fiona Heckels – Seed SistAs
Introduction to Western Energetic HerbalismKat Maier
Aromatic Resins: Threats and TherapeuticsKelly Ablard
Clinical approaches to working with trans, non-binary, and gender fluid youthKristin Henningsen
Shifting Focus: Constitutional Assessment through a Global LensKristin Henningsen
Deepening Plant Knowledge Through IllustrationKristine Brown
Early Morning Plant StudyKristine Brown
Let’s Meddle with NettlesKristine Brown
Plant Drawing for KidsKristine Brown
Heart Healing Self-care YogaLanier Cordell
Oral Care: Why it matters and how to work with clientsLeslie Alexander
Healing Herbs for Pirates and Ancient MarinersLeslie Alexander
The Medicinal Mushroom Boom: How to be an informed, empowered consumerLindsay Chimileski
Indigenous Cabecar Plant MedicineLuis and Cherli Salazar
Woody EthnobotanyMarc Williams
Mediterranean Flavors: Exploring Ancient Herbal Medicine in Greece, Rome, and EgyptMaria Christodoulou
Till the Last Drop: Herbal Wine in Ancient GreeceMaria Christodoulou
Menarche to MenopauseMaria Noël Groves
The Art of Herbal FormulationMaria Noël Groves
Going barefoot: the touch between our extracellular matrix (inner biome) and the environmental biome around usMatthew Wood
Microdosing with Plant Medicines: When Less is MoreMaya Shetreat, MD
Yoga Through The SensesMeredith Bury
Rue Rose & ResinMimi Prunella Hernandez
HEALTH & Healing from the GardenMonica Giacomin
Growing Medicinal Herbs on your Small Farm or GardenNancy Phillips
Herbal Preparations 101Nancy Phillips
Herbal wisdom in Russia from ancestors to modern daysOlga Ivanova
Apitherapy Products for Medicinal UsePatrick Fratellone
Botanicals in Heart DiseasePatrick Fratellone
Whole Food & Herbs for Feeding Cellular HealthPaula Youmell
Navigating Menopause the Wise Woman – Functional Medicine WayPaula Youmell
Calming Inflammation – Soothing Auto-ImmunityPaula Youmell
Giving Back It’s Good For the Soul ~ Kina Gegoo Botanical SanctuaryPenelope Beaudrow
Sacred Plants – Spiritual and Medicinal UsesPenelope Beaudrow and Lauri Hoeg
Epigenetics & MethylationPhyllis Light
Herbs for RecoveryPhyllis Light
Botanical Medicine in the Ancient WorldRachel Thomas
Beginning Medicine MakingRenee Crozier-Prince
Herbs of the Tropics: Addressing Chronic IssuesRenee Crozier-Prince
Herbs to Deepen Intuitive WisdomRobin Rose Bennett
Herbs for your Nerves-Radical Self Care with Herbal MedicineRobin Rose Bennett
Limpia ceremony using aromatic plantsDr. Rocio Alarcon (PhD, Curandera)
Spiritual co-evolution between plants and hummingbirdsDr. Rocio Alarcon (PhD, Curandera)
Enhancing the Edibility of Northeast Landscapes with Native SpeciesRuss Cohen
Alchemy in Modern Herbal MedicineSajah Popham
The Path of the Practicing HerbalistSajah Popham
Mood swings in the playground of life — taming your inner bullies with natural remediesSara Chana Silverstein
Creating a Kid Friendly ClinicSara Chana Silverstein
Integrating Cannabis/Hemp into your Herbal BusinessStephanie Boucher
Entheogenesis and EntrepreneurshipStephanie Boucher
Herbalists as Social Impact Entrepreneurs: The mindset shift to build a sustainable business with passion, purpose and prosperityStephanie R Trager
Botanically SpeakingSteven Yeager
Radiant Body, Mind and SpiritSusi Wahlrab
Innate Immunity – The Goods you’re born withTammi Sweet
Connecting to Our Roots: Rekindling our Healing Relationship with PlantsTaylor Rae
Herbal Allies for Surgery RecoveryTaylor Rae
Traditional Cacao Use of the Bri Bri PeopleTimoteo Jackson and Seidy Vanessa Moreno Morales
Self-Care for the ResistanceTonya Lemos
A Deep Dive into the Mediterranean ApothecaryTonya Lemos
Awakening Artemis – Book ReleaseVanessa Chakour and Lily Kwong
Herb and Mushroom Walks
Mother Knows Best Herb WalkChristopher Hobbs
Wild SaladDina Falconi
The Mediterranean Basin – The Greek Islands and Mt. OlymposJacquelin Jinpa Guiteau & Julia Graves
A walk through the Ethnobotanical Gardens at Ocean Forest EcolodgeJonathon Miller Weisberger
Visit a Downtown UpS Botanical SanctuaryKat Maier
Botanical & Fungi Herb Hike New EnglandLindsay Chimileski
Immune & Respiratoy Garden Herb WalkMaria Noël Groves
Herb walk through Strictly Medicinal Seeds fields and greenhousesRicho Cech
Tropical and Island Herbal Traditions: the clinical and ethnobotany history of our tropical climatesRenee Crozier-Prince
Edible Wild Plant WalkRuss Cohen
A walk along the Indus Rose Valley!Saad Admani
Awakening Artemis – Plant WalkVanessa Chakour
Veterinary Botanical Medicine Courses
Addressing the AlpacaAlexia Tsakiris, BVetMed, GDVWHM, CVA, RH (AHG)
Herbs for Grief | supporting yourself, clients and patients using herbal medicineAlexia Tsakiris, BVetMed, GDVWHM, CVA, RH (AHG)
Chinese Food Therapy Categories Part 1, Fruits and VegetablesConstance DiNatale
Chinese Food Therapy Categories Part 2, Meats and GrainsConstance DiNatale
What Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) can tell us about COVIDCynthia Lankenau, DVM, RH (AHG)
Metabolic Syndrome: Interaction of the Chinese Liver and SpleenCynthia Lankenau, DVM, RH (AHG)
Cannabis in Veterinary MedicineGary Richter, MS, DVM, CVA, CVC, GDVWHM
Herb-Drug InteractionsGary Richter, MS, DVM, CVA, CVC, GDVWHM
Herbs and Mushrooms for the Veterinary Cancer PatientGary Richter, MS, DVM, CVA, CVC, GDVWHM

All current content will be available until December 10, 2022.

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