The Use of Wu Mei San: An Epidemic of Jue Yin Diseases (Audio)

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The following audio presentation was recorded live at the 13th International Herb Symposium, June 2017.

The Six Stages of disease was first developed by the great master of Chinese Herbology, Zhang Zhong Jing (142-220 ACE) when he wrote the Shang Han Lun on Cold Damage. When examining these diseases in the context of the Six Stages of Disease; diseases found at the level of the Jue Yin are serious and are occurring at the deepest stage in the body. A Jue Yin disease reflects the separate of Yin and Yang and the collapse of Zheng Qi. This talk will focus on a number of current diseases—from Equine Metabolic Syndrome to feline cystitis to canine epilepsy—that are examples of Jue Yin Diseases.

Please note that all courses and lessons from the 13th International Herb Symposium are audio only. Transcriptions are unavailable at this time.

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