Kvatrna Baba: Fierce Diety of Rest.

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Rest: an essential element of healing, often forgotten about in a production-focused world.

In her workshop, “Kvatrna Baba- the Fierce Deity of Rest”, herbalist Rachel Budde evokes a goddess of her Slovene origin. Kvatrna Baba, or Quarter Day woman/hag, has one day and one night sacred to her, aligning with the quarterly change in the seasons. She oversees the cycles of work and rest; during her sacred days, people must abstain from work. During those times, if a woman is caught spinning or sewing by Kvatrna Baba, she risks being chopped up into pieces and boiled in Kvatrna Baba’s soup, among other things! Kvatrna Baba is a fierce protector of rest, and to remain active is to experience her wrath.

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What Will You Learn?

  • In this workshop we will explore this fierce entity, and uncover her wisdom within our own bodies.
  • We will discuss herbs for rest appropriate for each transition of the seasons.
  • We will cover practices of rest in order to open the doorways to the liminal.

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