About the IHS Learning Center

What makes IHS Learning Center a unique herbal learning experience?

More than traditional herbal classes, we feature Regenerative Herbalism classes that go deep into conservation, sustainability, and cultivation, unique Vet Botanical Medicine classes, herbal video walks from all different ecosystems, and classes that highlight herbal traditions from various cultures and perspectives.

By registering for the IHS Learning Center you are supporting the work of United Plant Savers, Inc.

An extension of the IHS

Founded by Rosemary Gladstar in 1991, the International Herb Symposium continues to bring together plant lovers and herbalists from around the world, representing many traditions and aspects of herbalism: folkloric, scientific, therapeutic applications, farming and gardening, ceremonial, and many others. Hosted biennially, the Symposium places a special emphasis on medicinal plant conservation. The IHS continues as a biennial event and serves as a fundraiser for United Plant Savers, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of medicinal plants.

It was at the 1994 conference, that Rosemary Gladstar called together a group of individuals to talk about whether others were concerned about the health of native medicinal plant populations and, if so, what should be done. From that meeting, the idea for United Plant Savers was born.

The virtual 15th IHS

2021 brought many challenges. Due to safety and well-being concerns for participants, it was determined that the IHS could not be held in person for the first time since its inception. This actually presented an amazing opportunity through new virtual platforms that had arisen, to connect the international herbal community in a way that had never been attempted, and so the International Herb Symposium was transitioned to an online event with a virtual learning center. This allowed us to share herbal knowledge from the IHS with more people than ever, and to grow and nourish the international community of herbalists.

A repository of herbal knowledge

Taking all that was learned in 2021, we have created this, the IHS Learning Center. We can now offer this collection of plant knowledge and traditions to herbal students and plant enthusiasts of all levels to access from anywhere on the planet!

In the spirit of IHS, we continue to bring a collective and diverse voice to the role of plants in the cultural context of healthcare as well as conservation needs and awareness — to ensure a future for threatened medicinal plants.