NEW Activities & Herb Walks

Be sure to check out the fantastic activities, classes and herb walks being offered throughout the weekend. So many wonderful classes to choose from! See the final schedule (which will be out in May) for times and locations for these great new offerings.


Yoga Classes

Gentle Yoga with Lindsay Helwig

This morning yoga class (on Saturday and Sunday) will meet you where you are and offer a chance to stretch, strengthen, and relax. An excellent way to prepare for the day ahead! We will focus on opening the body to relieve tension, with special attention to the hips, hamstrings, and back. Instructor Lindsay Helwig will take you through a gentle progression of poses and end with breathwork and savasana.  Appropriate for all ages and levels.

Kundalini Yoga with Susi Wahlrab

Start your day with the energizing, connecting, and deeply healing practice of Kundalini yoga. This ancient practice so supportive for our modern world is the yoga of living a long, vibrant, happy, grateful life. Fun for Every-Body and levels of experience. Wake up every cell to put a bounce in your step for this inspiring weekend. Please bring a mat or blanket.

New Herb Walks

Herb Walk for Joy and Resilience with Larken Bunce

This session will combine information sharing, active observation of plants and ourselves, and both walking and stillness. We'll engage curiosity through all of our senses, while focusing on meeting herbs for nervous system health, mood support and cultivating joy. We'll approach herb-walking as a resilience building exercise, offering the supportive experience of co-regulating our nervous systems in relationship with each other and our friends.

Herb Walks with Betzy Bancroft

Biodiversity of the Edges 
The edges where fields, woods, wetlands and other environments meet is typically a place of increased biodiversity. We’ll explore several different edges on Wheaton’s campus and identify the wild plants and other life we encounter. Medicinal and edible uses, including suggestions for preparations will also be discussed along the way. 

Ecological Herb Walk
Developing a deep understanding of a few common weeds helps us save the native and less common species for special needs. On this walk we’ll include discussion of the abundance or ecological concerns of the herbs we meet, in addition to the medicinal and edible uses. And probably spend a lot of time on a few common weeds…

Herb Walks with Dan De Lion

Wander for Weeds on the Wild Side
Join Dan De Lion of Return to Nature for an insightful walk around the land to demystify the “wall of green” surrounding us.  In this class, Dan will teach you to identify several plants revered in the herbal traditions for healing ailments, different key aspects to herbal medicine making, as well as how to identify and forage nutritious wild food directly from the land.  

We will sample the wild plant wonders Nature guides us to, and focus on methods to work with and prepare them. Gain the skills and confidence necessary to utilize and work with the countless organic, fresh, local and free plant resources that Nature continually provides.

Please bring a camera and notebook for recording the plants we find. 

Plant Sense Meditations
Join Dan de Lion of Return to Nature for a guided practice in developing intuition and constitutional understanding with wild plants. We will explore herbal constitutional understanding through the ayurvedic principles of Rasa and dosha and apply these techniques to exploring plants and understanding how the taste and the signatures we observe from plants leads us to keys into their medicinal, edible, or magical application. 

Free Thyme Classes

Herbalists & Health Freedom:  State Laws and Regulations on Herbal Practices- What is happening around the country! With Diane Miller  

Many state professional occupation laws are in place which leave practicing herbalists at risk for criminal charges of unlicensed practice. National Health Freedom Action supports herbalists practicing in the public domain without first securing permission from government to do healing acts. NHFA is working to change the laws in many states so that herbalists and other practitioners can have safe harbor practitioner exemptions from practice acts. Join Diane for this lively and informative discussion to see how to become involved, how to help change the laws, and how to protect health freedom rights.

Herbal Approach to Tonic Mocktails with
Cassandra Elizabeth

Part workshop and part scintillating mocktail party, this class will be hands on- we will be discussing basic bar techniques as well as how to incorporate herbal tonics into a daily ritual that can be personalized for your health: help combat stress with adaptogens, target specific systems in the body like the health of your nervous system or heart and enjoy plant remedies that will truly help to calm and ease Mind-Body & Spirit.

images below courtesy of Cassandra Elizabeth

Are you a current student of The Science & Art of Herbalism Home Study Course?  Are you interested in studying with Rosemary Gladstar?

Please join Rosemary Gladstar, Helen Ward, other homework reviewers and students from The Science & Art of Herbalism Home Study Course. We will share stories, experiences and meet each other while celebrating the course. We look forward to meeting you then. All are welcome at this session!

The Secrets of Palmistry with Linda Patterson

During this workshop we will explore the palm and use it as a tool to determine where blockages may be impeding and untapped resources hiding. We will go through the palm, its shape, lines and mounds to help better understand personal strengths and weaknesses.

EARTH AWAKENING: Astrological Signs of the Times with Kelley Hunter

Cosmic influences suggest an evolutionary influx on our living planet, Gaia. Herbal wisdom strengthens our capacity to deeply and harmoniously embody the impact of incoming plasma waves that are transforming our experience on Earth. Let's connect herbs with current planetary patterns.

Hooping! With Laura Torraco

Join Movement artist + herbalist Laura Torraco for an explorative movement break to tune back into our bodies, our play, and our sense of  joy. In this class we will begin the first part with non hula hoop sensory exploration into ourselves, and once we are warmed up within, we will have a laid back exploration of our bodies as they impersonate Saturn. This is all ages and levels class. Hoops provided.