Jiling Lin

California & Taiwan

Jiling Lin is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac), herbalist, and yoga teacher. Her integrative medical practice in Ventura, CA reconnects humans with the wild beauty of their inner and outer landscapes through nature, art, movement and ritual. She is faculty for the Esalen Institute, Balanced Rock Foundation’s Yoga Teacher training, and Artemisia Academy’s Herbal Apprenticeship Program. Jiling writes for Mountain Rose Herbs and various publications, directs “Tea Talks with Jiling” on the Herbal Radio podcast, and teaches classes ranging from seasonal wellness to multi-day backpacking adventures.

An avid traveler, multidisciplinary artist, and wilderness adventurer, Jiling seeks to provide the best integrative medicine and experiential education to empower thriving health and environmental stewardship in our bodies, communities, and world. Find Jiling backpacking the Sespe, surfing at C-Street, and on JilingLin.com, Instagram @LinJiling, and Facebook @JilingLAc.

Website: jilinglin.com