The backbone of IHS is its classes and teachers, but one thing that sets this herbal conference apart from the rest is the incredible feeling of community created here. These experiences are curated to encourage mingling and to give you a chance to take a break from all that learning. Some of these activities are brand new, and others are Symposium favorites from years past:

Amikaeyla Gaston

Speaker: Mark J. Plotkin

Speaker: Rosemary Gladstor

Plant Sound Lounge

Plant music is mesmerizing, always changing, and continuously flowing based on the electrical variations in each plant. Experience plant sounds first-hand in our plant music lounge.

Product Contest

Enter up to two of your herbal creations in the return of this contest. A panel of judges comprised of Symposium teachers and staff will select a winner from each of the following categories:

  • Elixirs, Tonics & Syrups
  • Medicinal Salves, Ointments & Oils
  • Tinctures, Extracts & Other Medicinals
  • Anything Goes (for the most original herbal products)

The winners will receive a beautiful certificate and get recognized in front of all attendees on Saturday evening.

Book Signing

Come meet some of your favorite authors! Join us at Emerson on Friday evening at 10:00 PM, following the keynote talks and evening entertainment. We will cap the night with a relaxing tea, snacks, music, and of course the authors, for all to enjoy.

Saad Admani
Robin Rose Bennett
Rebecca Beyer
Chanchal Cabrera
Maria Christodoulou
Russ Cohen
Margi Flint
Michael Friedman

Kimberly Gallagher
Rosemary Gladstar
Maria Noel Groves
Christopher Hobbs
Brendan Kelly
Kat Maier
Gabriel Mojay

Sajah Popham
Dr Raviraja Shetty G
Cathy Skipper
Tammi Sweet
Jonathon Miller Weisberger
David Winston
Matthew Wood

Relaxation Station

Heart Centered Wellness

Enjoy the soothing environment of this comfy space, intended to help you find calm amidst the conference chaos. Plush pillows, diffused essential oils, and beautiful tapestries help create a feeling of serenity. Generously hosted by Heart Centered Wellness.



Take home a Symposium souvenir thanks to United Plant Savers. Create your own unique prayer flags with botanically inspired woodblocks.

Arts & Culture Exhibits

View three new special exhibits

Blue Cohosh by Shay Clanton

Deep Ecology Art Gallery
Take in works by participants of the United Plant Savers’ artist fellowship program and inspired by the UpS Botanical Sanctuary.

Cannabis Museum

Cannabis Museum
This renowned museum documents and presents the hidden history of mainstream cannabis use in the US. Discover the little-known ways this plant has permeated industry, the arts, and medicine.

Christian Totty

Ohio Herbal Elders Project
Learn about five important Appalachian herbalists via written lore and beautiful photography.

Film Festival Screenings

In case you missed last year’s virtual IHS Film Fest, watch two of the winners on the big screen at this year’s Symposium.

Saging the World

“Saging the World” directed by Rose Ramirez, Deborah Small, David Bryant (US). It spotlights the ecological and cultural issues intertwined with white sage, focusing on the voices of Native advocates who have long protected and cherished this plant.

Food That Grows on Water

“Food That Grows on Water” directed by Gabriel Laurence Cowan (US). This film takes an inside look into how the Canadian Oil Pipeline will affect Manoomin (wild rice) and Ojibwe livelihoods.

Herbal Emporium

Shop the indoor and outdoor marketplace, showcasing more than 30 different herbal vendors! Visit our Vendor page to see the full vendor list or to submit a vendor application.

Herbalists Ball 2019

Kava Bar & Herbalists Ball

IHS wouldn’t be complete without a chance to boogie down at the Herbalists Ball. Bring your favorite costumes and show off your moves while a live band performs. Plus, we’re bringing back the very popular kava bar, so you can imbibe kava drinks!

Live Music by Marielle & The Flowers

Plant Allies by Marielle & The Flowers (lyrics inspired by Rosemary Gladstar)
The Golden Hour- Marielle & The Flowers (feat. The Language of Light)