In-person classes being offered on the topic of cultivating medicinal plants and conservation include:

  • Cultivating a Useful At-risk Medicinal: Yerba Mansa (Anemopsis californica), Benjamin Zappin
  • Biodiversity and Conservation of Rare, Endangered and Threatened Medicinal Plants of Western Ghats of India, Dr. Raviraja Shetty G
  • How to Grow Your Own Herbs and Make Products, Ruby Daniels
  • Ex-situ Conservation and Education Towards Conservation of Endangered Medicinal Plants, Dr. Raviraja Shetty G
  • Enhancing the Edibility of Northeast Landscapes With Native Species, Russ Cohen
  • Herbs of Appalachian Mountains, Ruby Daniels
  • Temperate Woody Ethnobotany, Marc Williams
  • Herbal Wellness from Field to Function, Jane Hawley Stevens
  • Passion for Botanicals: Striving for an Organic World, Saad Admani
  • Reflections-40 Years of Farming, 30 Years of Growing Medicinal Herbs, and Still Looking to the Future of Small Scale Growing, Andrea and Matthias Reisen
  • Preservation, Propagation and Promotion of Cultivation of Medicinal Plants: Participatory Approach, Dr. Raviraja Shetty G
  • Botanical Sanctuary Dreamer, Mimi Hernandez
  • Botanically Speaking (plant Walk), Steven Yeager

Additional opportunities for those interested in cultivation and conservation:

  • Visit us at the United Plant Savers tent
    • Meet representatives from the Native Plant Trust and the Northeast Forest Farmers.
    • Purchase forest-grown botanicals from the UpS Botanical Sanctuary in Ohio.
    • Join the conversation and provide us with your feedback on the work of United Plant Savers and offer suggestions on how we can grow as an organization and better serve the mission of plant conservation for native medicinal plants.
  • Attend plant walks with Jim McDonald, Betzy Bancroft, Andrea and Mathias Reisen, Rosemary Gladstar, Steven Yeager, Kate Gilday
  • Join us in planting native plants at Wheaton College with the help of Russ Cohen! This will likely take place during free time on Saturday. Details available at the UpS tent.