The 13th International Herb Symposium

June 9th – 11, 2017

Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts

Our Mission

The International Herb Symposium represents a wide range of traditions, ideas, beliefs, and the various methods we have of working with healing plants from shamanic and folkloric to ethnobotanical, clinical and scientific. The teachers and classes we’ve chosen for this year’s IHS represent some of the great diversity found amongst herbalists and herbalism in the world today.
We come together in the spirit of health, healing and cooperation to share and learn from one another. We invite teachers to present what they are most passionate about and to offer their views and thoughts openly and freely. In thoughtful respect to the wild-hearted nature of plant people, we honor the many paths we each follow and the great diversity of the Green Nations.


The International Herb Symposium is a benefit for United Plant Savers

Join us in helping to protect native medicinal plants.

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Our Generous Sponsors

The International Herb Symposium is a fundraising event for United Plant Savers. Sponsorship funds from these great companies are gifted to United Plant Savers to help fund their mission of protecting North American medicinal plants. We offer our sincere gratitude on behalf of the plants for the generous contributions these businesses provide.

Plant Saver Sponsors

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