Welcome to the 13th International Herb Symposium Schedule of Events June 9-11, 2017

The 13th International Herb Symposium

June 9th – 11, 2017

Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts

  • Herb Walks meet rain or Shine. If raining, just wear rain gear and enjoy!
  • There are children’s activities being offered throughout the day by Kenzie McDonald; see Children’s Activity Schedule (on the website). You are also welcome to bring your child(ren) to classes, however, if they become restless or noisy please sit outside until they are quiet again. Thank you.
  • Symposium Proceedings Books are $25 dollars & Flashdrives are $10. They are available at the IHS Information Booth.
  • Tree Farm  Communications  will  be  professionally  recording  most  of  the  lectures;  treefarmtapes.com; info@treefarmtapes.com; 800-468-0464.
  • Meals are served in Chase Dining Hall; Everyone must wear their name tag & bracelets to meals
  • If you’d like a quiet place to sip tea or visit quietly, the Art Room (BH) is a lovely quiet space to reflect. There’s also the lovely tree filled campus and woodlands surrounding
  • Gaia’s Labyrinth created by Jude Christian for the IHS. This beautiful meditation Labyrinth provides a quiet peaceful and healing space to contemplate life’s Please walk quietly….
  • Treat yourself to  a professional MASSAGE  with professional massage  therapists. A variety of different types of massage and body work available. $65 per one hour massage. Sign up at the IHS Information Booth. (Sign up early as these slots fill quickly).  Everett Heights.
  • Herbal First Aid & Support Space by Rachel Leaf & Martha Waterman (BH). In the event that you are not feeling well or  are  in  need  of  support,  please  come  to  the  Herbal   First  Aid  &  Support  Space,  located  next  to  the  IHS information booth. Rachel and Martha are both clinically trained herbalists and health justice allies. This is a safe  space for both emotional and general herbal first aid support. Balfour Hood.


  • BH=Balfour Hood Center
  • Chapel Field = see map
  • Dimple = see map
  • KH=Knapton Hall
  • ML=Mary Lyon Hall
  • WFA=Watson Fine Arts
  • CC= Cultivation & Conservation Track
  • CMC =Cole Memorial Chapel
  • HW = Herb Walks
  • MA=Mars Arts & Humanities
  • SC=Science Center
  • WT=Weber Theater
  • VET =Wholistic Vet Track


  • 6:00pm – 10 p.m. Registration in BH Atrium ~ for those registering for Pre-Conference Intensives and for those wishing to arrive early.   Please note; dinner will not be available on campus. Be sure to have a good meal before arriving.
  • 8:30 p.m. Thursday Night at the Movies ~ For those arriving on Thursday evening, join us for a special showing of this beautiful classic film ~ The Life of Dr. Ryan Drum by Glen Nagel BH-Media Center (upstairs from Registration)
  • 7:30 – 8:30 BREAKFAST ~ full Breakfast served at Chase Dining Hall ($10 at the door). Also, light breakfast items available in Hood Café (BH-Atrium upstairs)
  • 7:30 – 12 REGISTRATION ~ BH Atrium
    8 – 12 PRE-CONFERENCE INTENSIVES (pre-registration required)
    1. Pre Intensive Kids Ear, Eye, Nose & Throat Mary Bove MLH 212
    2. Pre Intensive Medical Astrology for the Practitioner of Botanical Medicine Plants & Planets Sajah Popham KH LEC
    3. Pre Intensive Mental Health Using Herbs: A Comprehensive Approach Guido Masé WFA 102
    4. Pre Intensive The Emotional and Mental Aspects of Lyme Disease Richard Mandelbaum MLH 211
    5. CC Pre Intensive Botanical, Macroscopic and Organoleptic Assessment of Herbal Ingredients for cGMP Compliance Steven Yeager SC 1343
    6. VET Pre-Intensive Medicinal Mushrooms: Cancer Prevention, Control & Support with Medicinal Mushrooms for Kidney and Liver disease, Cushing’s disease, and Geriatric Issues Ihor Basko SCB 243
  • 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. Special Free Herb Walk for those arriving early Ecological Herb Walk with the fantastic Betzy Bancroft (Meet On Dimple)
  • 12 – 1 LUNCH ~ full lunch served in Chase Dining Hall ($12 pay at the door)
  • 1 ~ 2 OPENING CEREMONIES ~ In Chapel.
  1. The Healing Secrets of Patagonia’s Temperate Rainforest – Marcela Ibieta (Chile) BH SGA
  2. Simple Animal Herbal Practice in the Tradition of Juliette de Bairacli Levy – Swanie Simon (Germany) MA 307
  3. Mushrooms, Molds and Mycorrhizae – Tradd Cotter MA 301
  4. Cancer–an Integrative and Cross-Cultural Approach – Dr. Christopher Hobbs MLH 211
  5. Radically Transform Your Health with 10 Common Herbs – Rosalee de la Forêt KH LEC
  6. The Art of Yaodui (herb pairings) In Chinese Medicine: Lessons for Any Herbalist – Thomas Avery Garran MA 209
  7. The Mysterious Journey of Starting an Herbal Body Care Business – Kate Clearlight BH YELLOW PARLOR
  8. Food is Medicine: Medicinal Properties of Delicious Wild Foods – Linda Black Elk MLH 212
  9. A Balm in Gilead: Plant Based Spiritual Self Care For Healers and Helpers – Mary Ayodele CHAPEL BASEMENT
  10. Echinacea Update – Kevin Spelman WFA 102
  11. A Few Favorite Herbs – Karyn Sanders/Nashoba Shilup – MLH 122
  12. Kitchen Cabinet Pharmacy – Nancy Phillips SC 1343
  13. VET Energetics of Western GI Herbs Dr. Cynthia Lankenau MA 102
  14. CC: Introduction to Wild-Simulated Ginseng Cultivation Chip Carroll MA 105
  15. HW Plant Walk with a Botanical and Clinical Focus 7Song Dimple #1
  1. Shamanic Practices in our Life: Limpia Second Level-Ways to Move Energies in the Body After Trauma, Rocίo Alarcόn (Ecuador)(SCB 243)
  2. Herbal/Nutritional Gastroenterology, w/David Winston. (SCB 246)
  3. The Thyroid and Adrenal Exhaustion, Phyllis D. Light (BH MEDIA CENTER)
  4. CC: Growing Medicinal Herbs: Wish Upon an Herbal Star, Matt Dybala (KH 114)
  1. The Fire Within: The Botanical Approach to Inflammation – Tieraona Low Dog SC 260
  2. Integrating Extraordinary Experiences — from Traumatic to Visionary – Kat Harrison KH LEC
  3. Powerful Trees from Curacao – Dinah Veeris (Curacao) MA 105
  4. Swamp Medicine: Southeastern subtropical and tropical species and their role in bioregional herbalism – Emily Ruff MLH 122
  5. Two Words Uttered by Herbalists Can Change the “Great American Healthcare System” – Daniel Gagnon MA 301
  6. Medicine Woman ~ Spirit Wisdom – Sound, Spirit, & Spells to Plant By – Amikaeyla Gaston BH YELLOW PARLOR
  7. Herbs and Somatic Practices for Stress, Trauma and Resilience – Larken Bunce MLH 211
  8. Taking Healing into the Dream World – Jacquelin (Jinpa) Guiteau (Haiti) MA 307
  9. Ancient Mexican Temazkal Practice – Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli MA 209
  10. The History of Siena’s Botanical Garden: from 17th Century to Modern Day – Claudia Perini (Italy) WFA 102
  11. CC: The Ways of Healthy Plants Michael Phillips MLH 212
  12. VET: Skin Cases: Itchy Dogs Donna Kelleher MA 102
  13. HW What are We Walking On? Matthias & Andrea Reisen DIMPLE #1
  14. HW Midsummer Medicines jim mcdonald DIMPLE #2
  • 6:00 – 7:30 DINNER ~ Chase Dining Hall
An Enchanted Midsummer’s Eve ~

Starts at 7:30 in the Chapel ** Welcoming Ceremonies ~ A wonderful evening of music and song ~ **** Key Note Address: “Returning the Gift” with Robin Wall Kimmerer ****** Followed by an Evening of Festivities in BH Center ~ ********* Tea & Cookies served in the Atrium ********** Authors’ Book Signing Herbal authors will be selling & signing their books in the Balfour Hood Café (Upstairs) ****** Meet the Herbal Artists

  1. Plant Spirit Yoga with Birch – moderate/intermediate level Lydia Russell BH – SGA Balfour Hood upstairs by Media Center
  2. Gentle Yoga All Levels Welcome Lindsay Helwig Chapel Chapel Basement
  3. HW Herb Walk Tanner Filyaw Dimple #1
  4. HW Plantain the Future jim mcdonald Dimple #2
  • 7:00 – 8:30 BREAKFAST ~ Chase Dining Hall
  1. Principal Plants in Herbal First Aid 7Song KH LECTURE Knapton Hall
  2. The Bitter Truth Richard Mandelbaum MA 301 Mars Arts & Humanities
  3. How to Put Together a Formula Karyn Sanders/ Nashoba Shilup Chapel Basement Chapel
  4. Healthy Aging Phyllis D. Light WFA 102 Watson Fine Art
  5. Magic and Culture in the use of Medicinal Plants in the Tropics of Costa Rica Rafael Ocampo (Costa Rica) KH 114 Knapton Hall
  6. Daodi Herbs: An Introduction to the Concept, Modern Research, and Why it is Important in the West Thomas Avery Garran MA 105 Mars Arts & Humanities
  7. Art and Mycology: Valenti Serini’s Work to Educate Fellow Citizens Claudia Perini (Italy) MLH 212 Mary Lyon Hall
  8. Herbs & Natural Remedies for Children’s Health Nancy Phillips. MA 209 Mars Arts & Humanities
  9. Azilya: Medicinal Smoke on the Great Plains Linda Black Elk MLH 122 Mary Lyon Hall
  10. Cosmo Vision and Shamanism in Southern Chile Marcela Ibieta (Chile) BH MEDIA Balfour Hood
  11. Leaky Gut and Dysbiosis Aviva Romm MLH 211 Mary Lyon Hall
  12. CC: Garlic Medicine Michael Phillips SCB 243 Science Center
  13. VT:Cultural and Modern Uses for the Polynesian herb Noni Morinda citrifolia and the use of Java Plum Ihor Basko MA 102 Mars Arts & Humanities
  14. HW Herb Walk Rosemary Gladstar Dimple #1
  1. Analgesia, Effective Pain Management with Botanicals David Winston MLH 211 Mary Lyon Hall
  2. Competent Care for Transgender, GenderQueer and Non-Binary Folks Larken Bunce Co-taught by Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich MA 301 Mars Arts & Humanities
  3. Earth’s blanket: the World of Mosses Robin Wall Kimmerer WFA 102 Watson Fine Arts
  4. First Aid and Wound Care Case Studies: Field Experience from Tanzania Guido Masé KH LECTURE Knapton Hall
  5. Spagyric Pharmacy: Ancient Alchemical Preparations for the Modern Practitioner Sajah Popham MLH 212 Mary Lyon Hall
  6. Botanical Strategies for ADHD Children Mary Bove MLH 122 Mary Lyon Hall
  7. Master Plants from Ecuador: Uses, Meaning and Different Ways of Using Them Rocίo Alarcόn (Ecuador) SCB 243 Science Center
  8. Spiritual Healing with Plants Jacquelin (Jinpa) Guiteau (Haiti) KH 114 Knapton Hall
  9. Some Aphrodisiacs of West Africa Aku Dunyo Richter (Ghana/Canada) MA 105 Mars Arts & Humanities
  10. Finding Answers with Herbs Dinah Veeris (Curacao) Chapel Basement Chapel
  11. CC: Vertical Integration of Plant Medicine Matt Dybala MA 209 Mars Arts & Humanities
  12. VET: Energetics of Western Respiratory Herbs Cynthia Lankenau MA 102 Mars Arts & Humanities
  13. HW Plant Walk with Emphasis on Botany and Basic Herbalism Steven Yeager Dimple #1
  14. HW Herb Walk Helen Lowe Dimple #2
  • 12:30 – 2:00 LUNCH ~ Chase Dinning Hall
  • Relaxation Oasis is open from 12:30-1:45(In the Lounge Area (BHC) across from the Exhibit Hall)
  1. Herbs-n-Dogs Swanie Simon (Germany) MA 209
  2. Healer Heal Thyself with Sacred Sound Amikaeyla Gaston KH 114
  3. Meet Your Lymphatic System: The Cinderella Story Daniel Gagnon SCB 246
  4. The Serpentine Path of an Indigenous Healer’s Family in Mexico Kat Harrison MLH 122
  5. Creating a Healing Garden and Pollinator Sanctuary Deb Soule CHAPEL BASEMENT
  6. Aftercare: Plant Support After Recovery And Detox Mary Ayodele (Central & West Africa) MA 105
  7. CBD: The Anxiolytic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-cancer, Anti-Seizure Non-Euphoric Cannabinoid Kevin Spelman MA 301
  8. Observing an Herbal Intake Description Margi Flint MLH 212
  9. Get Some Sleep Aviva Romm MLH 211
  10. Caring for the Soul of your Community: Herbalism in Action Emily Ruff SCB 243
  11. CC Planting the Future~Stewards of Healing Herbs Rosemary Gladstar WFA 102
  12. VET: Fresh Food and Ancient Wisdom: Back to the Beginning Ihor Basko MA 102
  13. HW Wander for Weeds on the Wild Side Dan de Lion Dimple #1
4:00 – 6:00 FREE THYME
  • This time has been set aside for visiting the exhibit area, networking, participating in `hands-on’ activities, or just plain good ole fashion relaxing. There are beautiful woodlands behind the campus filled with wonderful plants, and a campus full of very gorgeous elder trees just waiting for someone to talk to them…..
  1. 4:00 PM 6:30 PM CLASS Wearing Your Medicine: The Fashion Industry & Our Health Mary Wutz MLH 212
  2. 4:00 PM 5:30 PM FORUM Politically Compassionate Herbalism and Health Justice Mary Blue WFA 102 Discussion
  3. 4:30 PM 5:30 PM FORUM Commercial Cultivation of At- Risk Medicinal Herbs Rosemary Gladstar, Matt Dybala, Steven Yeager, Jeff Carpenter, Susan Leopold, Chip Carroll, Guido Mase, Andrea & Matthias Reisen, Jovial King MLH 211
  4. 4:30 PM 5:30 PM FORUM The Herbal Nurses Forum: Building Professional Practice Bonnie Kavanagh KH – Lobby
  5. 4:00 PM 5:00 PM CLASS The Rites of the Womb Julie Hannon & Karen Slick MA 209
  6. 4:00 PM 5:30 PM  HENNA Henna Highlights Janet Blevins Dimple
  7. 4:30 PM 6:00 PM Labyrint h Deepening your Labyrinth Experience Jude Christian Labyrinth
  8. 4:30 PM 5:30 PM HOOP Play, Prop & Flow: Using Movement as Stress Release Laura Torraco Dimple
  9. 5:00 PM 6:30 PM YOGA Plant Spirit Yoga with Rose -gentle/open to all levels Lydia Russell BH – SGA
  10. Special On-on-One Treats ~
  11. MASSAGE. $65 for a one hour massage. Sign up at the IHS Information Booth. (Everett Heights)
  • 5:30 – 7:30 DINNER ~ Chase Dining Hall
  1. YOGA Plant Spirit Yoga with White Pine -moderate/intermediate level Lydia Russell BH – SGA Balfour Hood
  2. YOGA Back Care Yoga All Levels Welcome Lindsay Helwig Chapel Basement
  3. LABYRINTH Bringing Ritual to your Labyrinth Experience Jude Christian Labyrinth
  4. HW The Wonders of Wayside Weeds jim mcdonald Dimple #1
  5. HW Birding by Ear, a morning bird walk Cyclone Greg McCrone Dimple #2
  • 7:00 – 8:30 Breakfast ~ Chase Dining Hall
  1. Cross-Cultural Ethnomedicine- A Deeper Understanding of Health & Healing David Winston WFA 102 Watson Fine Arts
  2. Sacred Fire, Sacred Touch Aku Dunyo Richter (Ghana/Canada) MA 105 Mars Arts & Humanities
  3. An Examination of Fungal Conservation, in Europe and Worldwide Claudia Perini (Italy) BH MEDIA Balfour Hood Center
  4. Dispelling Negativity and Evil – Smudging and Cleansing in the Haitian Folk Tradition Jacquelin Guiteau (Haiti) SC 234 Science Center
  5. Herbal Medicine in Modern America Tieraona Low Dog SC 260 Science Center
  6. Herbal Medicine and Mental Health 7Song MLH 212 Mary Lyon Hall
  7. The 5 Keys for Using Herbs Holistically Sajah Popham MA 301 Mars Arts & Humanities
  8. Lakota Plants to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Linda Black Elk MLH 122 Mary Lyon Hall
  9. Reading the Body Margi Flint MA 209 Mars Arts & Humanities
  10. CC: Forest Farming Appalachian Botanicals Susan Leopold SCB 246 Science Center
  11. VET: Practical Considerations Formulating Herbal remedies for Pets Rob Silver MA 102 Mars Arts & Humanities
  12. HW Plant Sense Meditations Dan de lion Dimple #1
  13. HW Exploring Weeds & Trees Traci Picard Dimple #2
  1. Traditional Medicine of Southern Chile Marcela Ibieta (Chile) MA 209 Mars Arts & Humanities
  2. Spiritual Herbs Dinah Veeris (Curacao) KH 114 Knapton Hall
  3. Using Seeds to Make Health Diagnosis and Healing Process Rocio Alarcon (Ecuador) KH LECTURE Knapton Hall
  4. Herbs for Women’s Health Phyllis Light MLH 212 Mary Lyon Hall
  5. Herb Classification in Chinese Medicine: Evolution of the Chinese Materia Medica Thomas Avery Garran SC 234 Science Center
  6. Tongue Assessment for Western Herbalists Larken Bunce MLH 122 Mary Lyon Hall
  7. Preserving our Herbal Traditions Rosemary Gladstar MA 301 Mars Arts & Humanities
  8. Holistic Approaches to Insulin Resistance Rosalee de la Forêt SCB 246 Science Center
  9. What’s Bugging you? The Human Microbiome Christopher Hobbs WFA 102 Watson Fine Arts
  10. Holistic Approach to an Influenza Pandemic Michael Phillips MA 105 Mars Arts & Humanities
  11. Botanical Terminology Steven Yeager MA 307 Mars Arts & Humanities
  12. CC: Soil-based Farming with Herbs Matt Dybala BH MEDIA Balfour Hood Center
  13. VET: The Use of Wu Mei San: An Epidemic of Jue Yin Diseases Cynthia Lankenau MA 102 Mars Arts & Humanities
  14. HW Herb Walk Betzy Bancroft Dimple #1
  • 12:00 -1:30 LUNCH ~ Chase Dining Hall
  • The Relaxation Oasis is open from 12:00 – 1:15(Lounge Area (BHC) across from the Exhibit Hall)
  1. Using Bitters in Small Animal Herbal Practice Swanie Simon (Germany) MA 105 Mars Arts & Humanities
  2. Can There be Craft Herbalists in the 21st Century? Implications of the Current Regulatory Environment Guido Masé MLH 211 Mary Lyon Hall
  3. Sacred Seed Garden of Medicinal Plants, a Tropical Model for Conservation and Enhancement of Medicinal Plants Rafael Ocampo (Costa Rica) MA 307 Mars Arts & Humanities
  4. Flower Medicine: Weaving the Magic of Flowers into Everyday Life Kate Clearlight MA 301 Mars Arts & Humanities
  5. Touching the Primal Self of the Masculine Mattias & Andrea Reisen SC 234 Science Center
  6. Mexican Herbology Past, Present and Future Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli (Mexico) BH MEDIA CENTER Balfour Hood Center
  7. The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of 11 Essential Herbs in Allergies Daniel Gagnon MLH 212 Mary Lyon Hall
  8. Medicinal Mushroom Magick Tradd Cotter WFA 102 Watson Fine Arts
  9. Expanding Your Bioregional Materia Medica Richard Mandelbaum MLH 122 Mary Lyon Hall
  10. Restoring the Adrenal 24 hour Cycle and Enhancing Neuroendocrine Health with Herbs Mary Bove KH LECTURE Knapton Hall
  11. CC: Ramps: Cultivation for Conservation Tanner Filyaw SCB 243 Science Center
  12. CC: Introduction to Biodynamic Herb Gardening Deb Soule SCB 246 Science Center
  13. VET Pacific NW Plants: A photo journey of the healing plants of Washington State Donna Kelleher MA 102 Mars Arts & Humanities
  14. HW Walk on the Wild Side Monica Giacomin Dimple #1
3:30 ~ 4:30 Closing Ceremonies ~ Join us in this joyful Circle of Sharing

More than just a time to say goodbye ~ we’ll honor the Green Nations with song, drumming and joyful ceremony. This is a special Blessing Way before we part on our journey’s home.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors for Making this Event Possible

Herb Pharm ~ Mountain Rose Herbs ~ Frontier CO-OP~ Gaia ~ Traditional Medicinals Tea Co. ~ LearningHerbs.com~ Herbalist & Alchemist ~Global Healing Center ~ Bastyr University ~ The Meaning of Tea ~ Boston School of Herbal Studies ~ Nammex ~ Traditions ~ Woodland Essence ~ Maryland University of Integrative Health


For the delicious free herbal Tea throughout the weekend Thanks to Traditional Medicinals, Runa, Organic India, & , Numi Tea

Unending Gratitude to our extraordinary group of teachers for their generosity of spirit and dedication to the Green Nations and for sharing their knowledge and love of the plant world with us. Most of the teachers offer further studies and educational opportunities. Contact them for details.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals: Becky Ebeling , Wheaton College Director of Events and Conference Services and her assistant Gina Boyd who make everything flow so smoothly for us and the rest of the wonderful staff of Wheaton College for their help in making this the outstanding event it is; to Scott O’Rourke Director of Wheaton Dining Services, for his fine (and brave) attempt to satisfy all of our eating habits; to each of the Amazing Teachers who came to share the teachings of their heart with us; to Jay & Bridget Johnson & crew of Tree Farm Communication for providing high quality audio recording; and to the IHS Staff who are the heartbeat of the Symposium and work throughout the year to help create this harmonious healing event ~ Melanie & Jeff Carpenter-Co-Directors; Laura Brill- Registration Director; Kristen Eaton-Teacher Coordinator & Host; Kris Boyd-Workstudy Coordinator; Kenzie McDonald- Social Justice Outreach & Children’s Program Coordinator; Jason Colvard Website & All Things IT; Heather Bruntil- Website Design & Social Media; Traci Picard- Special Events Coordinator & SPB Designer, DJ Vally for her out of this world heartbeat music; Carly Harrison, Val Delusky, Eli Henry, & Uncle Eddie for organizing the Herbalists Grand Ball; Katie Pickens, Cheryl Hartt, Jennifer Slick for endless support at the event! Musicians & Magic Makers Mz Imani, Senayit Tomlinson, Willa Mamet & Laura Torraco; Henna Queen Janet Blevins; John Cummings for the Herbal Product Contest; Katherine Yvinskas for the Art Room; Wendy McKenzie for the Relaxation Oasis; Mara Friedman for TShirt design and Silver Screen for an outstanding job printing them each year; Jude Christian for creating the Labyrinth; Michel & Judy Marcellot of 7 Arrows for hosting the teacher’s tour and for the beautiful job decorating the Chapel each year; Traditional Medicinals Tea Company, Runa, Numi, & Organic India for endless cups of delicious herbal tea; to Linda Patterson, the T-Shirt Queen; Accura Printing for all of their awesome support and help with printing; Seam Siren, Gaia, Lunaroma, Urban Moonshine AromaYasuni, ; Nammex & Zack Woods Herb Farm, for teacher gifts; Cynthia Lankenau for organizing the VBMA Track. and of course the fabulous Rosemary Gladstar for her vision, her heart, & for the inspiration she brings to all of us!

Huge Thanks for Mountain Rose Herbs For providing Free Cotton tote bags to every IHS Participant And Most Especially a Big Thyme Thanks for Each of You for Coming!!

The IHS is more than just a grand educational event. It is a time to honor and celebrate the Earth’s abundance and the Green Nations that nurtures and heals us. Our gratitude to you for coming ~ may you return home, hope renewed, inspired and empowered to make ‘the change you wish to see in them world around you’.

Have a Great Journey Home, Filled with Love, And Renewed Heart Connections to Plants & People

“I am a young student and had a great time! This conference is a real breath of fresh air and a learning experience to see people of all ages and stages excited about wholistic health care.”

“This was my first attendance at the IHS and it was amazing! Everyone shares similar interests from a wide variety of backgrounds. The teachers all had something beautiful to offer and the organization of this event was also well thought out and put together. Thank you so much. I plan to return!”

“This symposium was a wonderful collection of spirit, energy and love.”