Welcome to the 12th International Herb Symposium

Celebrating the Healing Power of Plants
June 12th - 14th 2015
You are joyfully invited to attend this outstanding event

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A Symposium to touch your heart and soul as well as mind and spirit, this gathering is for all people enraptured by the healing essence of herbs. The International Herb Symposium offers herbal enthusiasts an incredible opportunity to learn from the worlds leading experts in botanical medicine and herbal lore. Whether a novice or advanced in your herbal interests, the Symposium offers classes, workshops, panel discussions and learning experiences to touch every level of your being.

Inspiring * Educational * Empowering
Learn, Have Fun and Network with other herbal/plant lovers

A Gathering for All People Who Love Plants


Keynote Address with Special Guest Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets

Founder of Fungi Perfect & author of Mycelium Running ~ How Mushrooms can Help Save the World

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2015 International Herb Symposium Teachers

Learn from an extraordinary gathering of herbal teachers, elders, and healers from around the world
representing diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Over 40 highly respected teachers including:

Rocio Alarcon (Ecuador), Dr. Rosita Arvigo (Belize), Dr. Juan Almendares (Honduras), Stephen Brooks (Costa Rica), Jacqline Gataeau (Haiti), Paolo Luzzi (Italy), Rafael OCampo (Costa Rica), Wolf-Dieter Storl (Germany), Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli (Mexico), Dinah Veeris (Curacao), Anna Rósa Róbertsdóttir (Iceland), Christopher Hobbs, Onifa Funke Adesanya (Africa), Matthew Wood, Howie Brounstein, Dr. Michael Friedman, Tylor Gage, Dr. John Woytowicz, Mindy Green, Susan Grimaldi, David Hoffmann, Rosemary Gladstar, Chris Kilhman, Kathleen Maier, Dale Pendell, Dr. Jill Stansbury, David Winston, Bevin Clare, Guido Mase’ , Thomas Easley, Mimi Hernandez, Richard Mandelbaum, Jim Mcdonald, Brittany Nickerson, Nancy & Michael Phillips, Andrea & Matthias Reisen, Kip Roseman, Emily Ruff, Nicole Telkes, and many more and many more...